Dashboards and
custom reporting

Even if you know how to drive conversions, there is always the potential for better results.

Reports and dashboards are two different ways of visualizing your data. A report is static, and consists of a large number of pages that display your information on one topic and allow you to compare the different snapshots of your data. In contrast, dashboards give you a more streamlined overview of your performance right away and save you time by including all relevant charts and tables in one screen.

Why are dashboards and custom reporting important?

Strategic business decisions are made every day. Dashboards and custom reports provide a way for managers to easily access, analyze and share critical insights about their business. It’s the most effective way to provide feedback and make better-informed decisions. This can save you time, ensure your decision is the right one, improve data literacy, and get important buy-ins from stakeholders.

Services include:

  • Web scraping
  • Data cleaning
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) processing
  • API configuration
  • Formatting and design

How Can Dashboards And Custom Reporting
Improve Your Business?

Improvement-Driven Initiatives

If some initiatives don’t end up successful, then you have to change the plan and not the goal. With the help of a team of specialists, this can be achieved by doing constant A/B tests until the winning formula is found.

Get More Customers For Less

Conversion rate optimization helps you optimize your website so that visitors get exactly what they want. This means increased conversions and increased value from your current customers, along with more profit from your new guests.

Repeat Business

It’s always nice to have customers who have long-standing relationships with you and your business. CRO helps you do it.