Digital out of home (DOOH)

The digital world is the new frontier of advertising.

A far cry from the traditional static and sometimes monotonous advertising techniques of the yesteryears, digital out of home is one of the most widely used methods to promote one’s products or services to the public

Why is digital out of home important?

Let’s face it: Not all people have time to watch the TV or sift through their news feeds on a daily basis. Most consumers don’t even have enough bandwidth to read newspapers. Therefore, you need to go public. And what better way to do it is by harnessing the power of digital media in the outdoors and see how far it’ll take you.

Advantages of Digital out of Home Advertising:

  • Great exposure in unique formats
  • Increases brand recall
  • Drives engagement in other channels

How Can Digital Out Of Home Improve Your Business?

Brand Reach

These types of ads are strategically located across public places. It can be a hallway in the mall or on a public utility bus body. Having said that, it is highly visible to people, which leads to more sales.


DOOH advertising allows retailers to increase their products' exposure by showing multiple advertisements at once. It's a cost effective solution for letting consumers know about upcoming sales, new products, and services.


With DOOH marketing, you become a storyteller that can take your customers on a journey. One display could relate to a consumer problem, with the next slide coming seconds later to explain how your product can help. You have control to explain precisely why they should buy from your company.