Programmatic display

Targeting your ideal customer with great precision.

Programmatic display advertising revolves around a strategy of purchasing ad space with several advertising exchanges. This happens in a real-time manner to make the customer targeting more specific.

Why is programmatic display important?

Think of programmatic display advertising (PDA) as an auction. Whenever customers visit a certain page that has ad space configured for PDA, the host or publisher then auctions the opportunity to target a consumer who just clicked. This is important because it allows you to go after customers while staying cost-effective.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Cost-effective ad spends
  • Highly-targeted advertising
  • Reduced administrative costs

How Can Programmatic Display Improve Your Business?

Better Targeting

Leverage a variety of sophisticated techniques and data sources unavailable on other channels to deliver the most relevant ads to your audience. Some of these methods include audience targeting, contextual targeting, behavioral targeting, geotargeting, cross-device targeting, and retargeting.

Increased Control

Set your budget, then track and manage each campaign’s spend. Set a frequency cap to prevent overspending, bid factors to adjust bids based on priority markets, and pacing options to allocate budgets evenly across campaigns. Eliminate unnecessary spending with these efficient controls.

Wider Scale

Programmatic display uses real-time data to serve ads on many platforms, providing great opportunities to track and optimize your campaigns. You can reach audiences at scale with better targeting and a lower cost than any other channel.